Pastoral Staff


Senior Pastor Rev. Timothy Keller

Pastor Keller has pastored three churches in his 43 years of ministry. He pastored the church here in East Alton for 20 years, watching it grow from about 75 people to nearly 300 when he felt the call to missions. He and his wife Sherry resigned the church and began their journey as missionaries to the Philippines in January of 2000. Pastor Keller served as the president of Evangel Bible Institute, taught Bible classes, conducted training seminars, and preached every Sunday in different churches on the Island of Palawan during his first term. In his second term, he planted an International Church in the capital of Palawan, serving as its first pastor. The church grew to two services, one in Tagalog and one in English.

In September of 2008 he felt the call to return to East Alton and was voted in as the pastor assuming duties in October of that year. Pastor Keller has a true pastor’s heart and is dedicated to growing the church and reaching the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Assistant Pastor Rev. Tony Nickle

BIO to come


Youth Pastor Jonathan Spink

Jonathan was raised in the neighborhood surrounding East Alton First Assembly of God.  Being the son of drug addicted alcoholic parents he was abandoned at the age of three to be raised by his grandmother.  Jonathan came to know the Lord at the age of 14 at a youth outreach at First Assembly in East Alton.  Jonathan’s passion and commitment to serving the Lord became his primary focus.  He started volunteering with Special Touch Ministry, a ministry focused on serving the concerns of people with disabilities.  Jonathan has remained faithfully dedicated to the vision of Special Touch Ministry and, now serves as the coordinator of Illinois Summer Get Away. Through his time with Special Touch God began to reveal to Jonathan a genuine call to ministry. 

Jonathan served in Master’s Commission in Clearwater Florida,   (a Discipleship program with hands on training) where he focused on children’s outreach and ministry.  He later attended North Central University where he majored in Youth Development with emphasis in Social Work.

 Jonathan has a desire to help all people youth and children especially realize their God given talent and ability, his vision to help others reach their full potential in the Lord in spite of their environment.